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Tim’s 6m Flat Top Trailer Build

We received some pictures from Tim who built this awesome 6m flat top trailer from [...]

Robyn’s 4.8m Flat Top Trailer Build

Having an engineers design certainly makes the build easy. No problems to nut out, just [...]

Troy’s Motorbike Trailer Build

More information on the MOTOBIKE TRAILER plan >>

Michael’s Box Trailer Build

Michael used the Box Trailer plan to build his trailer. A really cool feature is [...]

Braden’s 4.8m Flat Top Trailer Build

A good example of how a stock plan (no pun intended) can be used as [...]

Aaron’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

Proud owner Aaron built this black beauty almost exactly to our 4m Motorbike Trailer plans, [...]

Brooklyn’s 3.2m Toy Hauler Tipper Trailer Build

We received these images from Brooklyn, who built the trailer as a school project, using [...]

Terry’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

Terry built this motorbike trailer for his drag bike which has very little ground clearance. [...]

Jason’s 6m Enclosed Trailer Build

Hello Trailer PlansI have almost finished my 6 meter enclosed trailer. All that remains to [...]

John’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

John sent in these pictures of a fabulous trailer built from our 4m Enclosed Motorbike [...]

Mark’s 6m Enclosed Trailer – THE KILTED VAN

From the manufacturer of The Kilted Van (#thekiltedvan), come these pictures of a trailer built [...]

Jeremy’s Flatbed TILT Trailer Build

Using our Flatbed TILT Trailer Plans, Jeremy built this unique trailer by making a few [...]