Terry’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

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Terry built this motorbike trailer for his drag bike which has very little ground clearance. To help with this he installed airbag suspension to drop the trailer and improve the load angle. The trailer TARE is 850kg and fully loaded weighs in at 2000kg. The wheel arches are higher than normal to allow for increased wheel travel and the arches are longer than normal so they cover the airbag suspension. This means he lost a little floor space but made the trailer 2100mm wide (to compensate), hence the side lights. Everything is a trade-off right.

The inside will be lined from floor to 400mm high with a 50 x 50 x 4mm mesh to protect the insides should stuff slide about and to use as tie-down points. The drag bike weights 160kg and sits centrally, forward of the axles. The tow bike (a small scooter) will sit at the rear, tools and fuel at the front. Total weight of equipment for racing (including the bike) will be about 500kg. Terry is very aware of the importance of correct load distribution throughout the trailer having had some experience “when younger and less cluey” when a caravan he converted for racing developed severe sway and rolled! “I reckon I got the weight all wrong and loaded it badly. I will confess I am a little nervous loading this one for the first time.”

It’s a great looking trailer Terry. Trust things will work out better for you this time mate! Thanks for the pictures and sharing your build.

Good luck on the drag strip!!

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