Trailer Builds

Michael’s 6m Enclosed Trailer

Michael’s 6m Enclosed Trailer
An Enclosed trailer can be challenging to build. They are big, relatively complex (as trailers go), consist of many components, lots […]

Mike’s Enclosed Trailer

Flatbed which became an Enclosed Trailer
We received these enclosed trailer pictures from Mike who, to his credit, built it some years ago using one […]

Ben’s Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer

Facebook follower Ben built this really cool wide bed trailer using our plan. He upgraded the ATM in the process which included some extra […]

Dave’s Off Road Camper Trailer

We’ve seen a few good trailers over the years, but from time to time somebody will take our plans and create something really special. […]

Ray’s Off Road Camper Trailer

We received these pictures from Ray showing the progress on his off-road (camper) trailer which is really taking good shape. Ray used our Off-Road […]

Bruce’s Base Station

This magnificent enclosed trailer was built by Bruce who used one of our flatbed plans (with some extensive modifications) to put this enclosed trailer […]

Darren’s Flatbed Trailer

Darren built this trailer using our Wide Flatbed Trailer Plans, making a few small but significant additions along the way. He lengthened the trailer […]

Chris’ Cage Trailer

Cage trailers are fairly easy and inexpensive to build. Our cage trailer plan has been a favourite with those wanting to move large volumes […]

Kevin’s Motorbike Trailer

Over the years we have received many photos from builders of the motorbike trailer plan. Kevin’s trailer must be one of the best we […]

Pete’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

They say a picture tells a thousand words. A good example of that would be this picture sent in by Pete. Proudly standing next […]

Brian’s Flat Top Trailer

The Flat Top trailer is one of our bigger units and not the sort of DIY project to be taken lightly. Brian from New […]

Clinton’s Cage Trailer

Most guys that build trailers off our plans invariably create a few personal touches by adding some additional features or altering the plan in […]

Troy’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Troy did us proud with the construction of this tipping trailer, creating a superb work horse that he clearly puts to good use. The […]

Brenton’s Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer

Brenton built this compact tandem trailer using our Flat Top Wide Bed trailer plans and made a few minor modifications to suit his needs. […]

Paul’s Tandem Box Trailer

Hunter, Gatherer…
Paul bought our Tandem Box trailer plans some time ago and built this stunning 10×6 box trailer, which he loads up with his […]

Phil’s Off Road Camper Trailer

Not all trailers are built equal. Take the case of Philip, who took his time to think it through, source the right parts, ask […]

Adam’s Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer – True Blue

TRUE BLUE – Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer
Adam and his mates built this flat top wide bed trailer straight off our plans and ended […]

Luke’s Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer

RURAL WORKHORSE – Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer
Trailer builder Luke put this flat top wide bed trailer together, largely sticking to the plan but […]

Paul’s Motorbike Trailer

Hammer Metal Works in WA have built a modified version of our motorbike trailer. It is a two-bike unit with full chequer plate deck, […]

Chris’s Motorbike Trailer

A lot of good things come out of Victoria. The Australian Grand Prix, The Hawks, VB and now there’s Chris’s superb motorbike trailer. Finished […]