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Jay’s 2500kg Flatbed Trailer Build

Jay used the 2500kg Flatbed plan to build his trailer. Great job with the build [...]

Jeremy’s 4.5T Tri-Axle Flat Top Trailer build

Jeremy built this brilliant trailer using the 4.5T Tri-Axle Flat Top trailer plan. He modified [...]

Shane’s 6m Enclosed Trailer Build

Shane used the 6m Enclosed trailer plan to build this trailer. Love the red interior!! [...]

Jeff’s Motorbike Trailer Build

Jeff built his trailer using our Motorbike Trailer Plan. This is a practical design that [...]

Jordan’s 3.2m Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Build

Awesome pictures sent in by Jordan who used the 3.2m Toy Hauler Trailer Plan to [...]

Mick’s Motorbike Trailer Build

Mick used the Motorbike Trailer Plans to build his trailer. A few modifications included reinforcing [...]

Aaron’s 6m Enclosed Trailer Builds

Aaron has built a number of trailers using our trailer plans. These are a couple [...]

Nathan’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Build

“The plans were excellent, easy to follow and there were some great tips to source [...]

Chris’ Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Build

Chris sent in these pictures of the trailer he built using the Hydraulic Tipping Trailer [...]

Chris’ Off-Road Camper Trailer Build

Chris built this really cool camper trailer using our Off-Road Camper Trailer Plan. Fitted out [...]

Mick’s 6m Flat Top Trailer Build

Mick from New South Wales sent in these pictures of his 6m Flat Top Trailer [...]

George’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Build

From New Zealand comes this Hydraulic Tipping trailer built by George. Although built largely to [...]

Brian’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

A number of guys have built our 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Plans in a tandem [...]

Toby’s 2.1m Enclosed Trailer Build

Although our plans are largely designed for DIY trailer builders, they are often used by [...]

Andrew’s 6m Enclosed Trailer Build

Moto Bunker This fine caravan toy hauler (Moto Bunker) was built by Andrew from Queensland [...]