Jason’s 6m Enclosed Trailer Build

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Hello Trailer Plans
I have almost finished my 6 meter enclosed trailer. All that remains to be done is to line the internal walls with 3-ply wood. I changed a couple of things from your original plans.

I lowered the trailer by 100mm using drop axles that I made up and created larger side and rear doors. The rear door has dual stage fold in/out load ramps that make life really easy. There are winches on both sides of the rear door that do all the hard work raising and lowering the door. I used 3mm ACM panels to line the sides and 4mm for roof and rear door. Next time I would use 2440x1220x4mm on sides and measure post out for 1220mm centres. All part of learning.

I had also changed the front section of the trailer, angled both sides inward and increase the roof angle to reduce wind load whilst towing.

Your plans made the job simple and produced a great trailer for very little cost compare to buying a trailer readymade.

Kind regards

Thanks for the great pictures Jason. Nice to get a close up of the finer detail and some of your custom work – TP

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