Trailer and Caravan ATM Upgrades

It is not only illegal, but potentially unsafe to use a trailer or caravan above it’s rated ATM, especially if the trailer structure is not capable of handling the additional load. An ATM upgrade will not only ensure that your trailer becomes compliant on the road, but also give you peace of mind knowing that it satisfies minimum structural requirements.

As engineers we certify modifications to trailers and caravans with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of up to 4500 kg in the Brisbane area. This normally involves an inspection of the trailer and detailed compliance checks in accordance with Queensland Transport & Main Roads (TMR) requirements as specified in Modification Code LS12. Cost for the inspection is less than you may expect and often no modifications are necessary to upgrade the ATM. If successful, and the trailer is structurally capable of handling the additional load, we will issue a blue modification plate. We can also assist and arrange with making structural alterations (drawbar or chassis reinforcements, suspension or brake upgrades…) where this may be required.

ATM upgrades Queensland Transport trailers caravans

Modifications covered by modification code LS12 include:

  • Rerating of a trailer or caravan’s ATM (ATM upgrade)
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Brakes (modifications or upgrades)
  • Tow couplings (new or modified installations)
  • Drawbar modifications/upgrades
  • Wheels (rims & tyres)
  • Trailer chassis modifications
  • Safety chain attachment point modifications

Typical situations where an ATM Upgrade may be required:

  • More load carrying capacity is required. It may be that the trailer/caravan is already over-loaded, or/and that additional load capacity is required.
  • Legal compliance – typically if a trailer is over-loaded, an ATM Upgrade may reinstate compliance (and avoid risking being fined).
  • Brakes have been fitted, modified or upgraded.
  • Wheel track width has changed by more than 50mm overall (25mm per side). Note that wheel track reductions are not permitted.
  • Wheel/rim offset has been changed by more than 12.5mm
  • Tyre diameter on a braked “on- road” trailer has been changed to more than 15mm larger, 26mm smaller or 30% wider.
  • Tyre diameter on an “off-road” trailer has been changed by more than 50mm larger, 26mm smaller or 50% wider.
  • Coupling replacements up to 3500kg ATM that result in an increase in drawbar length or if the coupling mounting position differs from the original.
  • All coupling replacements over 3500kg
  • Modifications/replacement of safety chain attachment points


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