Aaron’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

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Proud owner Aaron built this black beauty almost exactly to our 4m Motorbike Trailer plans, were it not for a couple of small but significant mods. He made the pivoting roof a little shorter, which we think is a good idea to keep the roof weight down; and he moved the access door to the right-hand side. A popular misconception in the trailer world is that you cannot have right hand access doors. However, this only applies to caravan type trailers, or a “… trailer equipped with cooking facilities or living or sleeping accommodation…”, as specified in VSB1. In that case the trailer should have at least one access door on the left.

Aaron did a great job finishing the trailer off with black signboard panels, trimmed with aluminium angle edging all the way round. The interior is pretty much default finish, with heaps of room to add storage systems down the track. A few floor anchor/eye bolts provide handy tie-down points.

Well done Aaron. Happy trailering!

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