We are proud to offer a specialised custom trailer design service to meet your specific requirements. As engineers, our focus is on chassis structural design and satisfying minimum strength requirements in terms of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and relevant legislation. However, we can also provide further design and drawing detail of fixtures, brackets, tie-down points, special purpose equipment, independent suspension installation etc.

enclosed trailer design custom plan engineering

Our solutions are fully engineered using appropriate calculations, FEA or other engineering methods performed by qualified individuals. For commercial or volume manufacturers we can supply an engineering certificate of compliance, for example, stating design compliance to ADR drawbar and general chassis strength requirements.


Our drawing packages usually include detailed manufacturing drawings, bill of materials, material cut lists, image renders and all necessary information required for accurate quoting or sub-contract manufacture. If required, we can also supply CAD files such as DXF, DWG, STEP or other compatible formats.

Our detailed drawing packages enable you to clearly communicate your trailer requirements to manufacturers and suppliers.

Contact us to further discuss your trailer design needs.