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Registering a trailer – RVSA Application for Individuals (effective from 1 July 2023)

Entering a light trailer on the RAV (Register of Approved Vehicles) from July 2023 as a DIY builder (ie: up to 4 trailers per year) is not particularly difficult. You will need to register on ROVER and then make application for a SINGLE VEHICLE APPROVAL. This is pretty straight forward and requires you to enter information about the trailer, load ratings, size etc. The trailer must comply with all relevant ADRs, and you do not have to provide any evidence of compliance. The process will require you to make a declaration that the trailer complies with the RVSA. If your trailer was built to our plans and/or to VSB 1 Rev 6, then you can make the declaration with a clear conscious. You will need to have a VIN (can be obtained as part of the application), plus all load ratings, including ATM, GTM and TARE at time of application. You will need to provide evidence of the load ratings, this can usually be done by uploading a picture of the completed/engraved compliance plate. The RAV fee is approximately $30.

Once your RAV entry has been approved, the trailer will appear on the RAV and can then be registered with your state authority.

If you are a manufacturer and building more than 4 trailers a year, it is a different route. Contact us if you require more information on this.

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Is it possible to retrieve previously purchased plans?

If you purchased plans after 7 May 2019 and you created a User Account, you can log in on our website with your Username or Email Address to retrieve your plans.
If you purchased plans prior to 7 May 2019 or did not create a User Account on the website, contact us and we will send you a link to download your plans.

I created a User Account after I purchased plans – can these plans be linked to my User Account?

Yes, your purchased plans can be linked to your new User Account. Please send us an email, and we can link the purchased plans to your account.

How do I get my trailer registered?

The registration process differs slightly from state to state. Consult your local authority’s website for detailed instructions. Usually, you will need to complete the appropriate application forms, provide proof of ID, proof of vehicle origin, manufacturer’s plate & VIN number (obtained from the authority’s offices). Visit our Registration Page for more information and some handy links to registration authority sites.

Registration of trailers remains the responsibility of the State and Territory registration authorities. Trailer manufacturers should consult the relevant authority for the necessary registration procedures, such as inspection.


What does it cost to build a trailer?

The cost can vary a lot depending on where you source parts and materials, whether it’s new or used gear and how much work you are prepared to do yourself. It is not uncommon to save up to 50% of the cost of a similar size new trailer. We recommend that you use the complete parts list (supplied with the plan package) to draw up an accurate budget.

Trailer Plans Support

How hard is it to build my own trailer?

Most people with a reasonable mechanical aptitude, access to a welding machine, some basic tools and a sense of adventure, would have no problem building a trailer. You must of course be able to work your way through a drawings, measure and cut steel, and most importantly be able to create solid welds with good penetration. If you can do these things and have access to a suitable work area (shed/garage would be great), then it’s a great project to undertake and very satisfying to complete. We are always available for any questions you may have along the way.


Can plans be downloaded and viewed using a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, the drawings are all in PDF format for easy viewing on mobile devices.

Some devices may need an app like iZip or similar to open/extract the ZIP folder after it’s been downloaded. The ZIP folder contains DXF and EXCEL files of panel drawings and material cut lists. But don’t worry about missing out, there are PDF copies of these files in your PDF download.

What is included in the plans?

  • Detailed and fully dimensioned part & assembly drawings
  • All dimensions required including ISO weld symbols
  • Comprehensive work & assembly instructions
  • Electrical wiring diagram including round & flat plug wiring detail
  • Detailed (enlarged) views of tricky or important bits
  • Complete parts list of all manufactured & purchased components
  • Complete cut list of all steel sections
  • DXF files for parts that can be laser cut (optional free download)
  • Welding details – where & how much of it
  • A design that conforms to legal requirements
  • Purchased item specifications
  • Safety guidelines during construction
  • Tools required
  • Pictures & handy hints

Each trailer plan PDF drawing package typically contains the following files:

I am very interested in fitting Independent Suspension, could you please advise me on this.

The independent coil suspension referred to in the plans is the Coil/Air independent suspension systems by CRUISEMASTER.

All of our trailer design are suitable for use with independent trailing arm suspension. The plans do not detail the suspension itself, but rather the trailer construction required to suit CRUISEMASTER’s suspension. The guys at CRUISEMASTER will be more than happy to help you with selecting the right gear for your trailer and they arrange delivery to just about anywhere. The plans will help you construct the trailer.

Fabricating independent suspension is best left to the professionals that spend lots of time and money developing and testing their products. Our advice is spend your money where it counts and make your savings on building your chassis and trailer body yourself.


I purchased a set of trailer plans and was wondering if it was possible to get the drawings in AutoCAD or DXF format?

Due to increased risks to our copyright and product liability, we generally do not release drawings in CAD or 3D model formats, apart from the DXF files that are part of your download package. The PDF drawing files are very well prepared and provide all the necessary detail for the construction of a trailer.

I would like to know what kind of axle I will need for my trailer?

We provide comprehensive information about the axle requirements for each trailer plan. Axle length, size and brakes are discussed in detail and off course we are just an email away if you need more clarification. We also recommend that you purchase your axle from a reputable trailer suspension supplier and in all cases follow the supplier or manufacturer’s installation instructions.


Is buying and downloading of plans secure?


Yes, totally secure – everything, from when you press the Add to Cart button to payment and downloading, is secure. You can checkout using your PayPal account, or, if you don’t have one, simply select the credit/debit card option on the PayPal secure page.

You can also purchase via direct bank deposit. Ask us for more details.

We are unable to open the DXF files. Could you please advise which program to use to open these files?

There are equivalent PDF files for each of the DXFs, so you are not missing out if you cannot open the DXF. However, the DXF files are 2D scaled drawings that are often used by laser and profile cutters. If you wish to view these files you would need to download a (free) DXF viewer such as DWG Tueview

What are the DXF files for?

The DXF files included with the plans can be used by fabrication shops to laser cut parts for your build, which can be both cost- and time-effective.

Single Motorbike Trailer Plans

DXF files are a common file for transferring CAD data between different systems. It is a file that can be read by most CAD systems including that used by Laser Cutting Services. Some DXF files are provided and could save you the manufacturing time, and possibly the cost of buying large quantities of material to produce a relatively small part.

Download a free DXF file viewer here

What is VSB1?

VSB1 (Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 Rev 5, June 2009) is a National Code of Practice for Building Small Trailers. That is, trailers with an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of less than 4.5 Tonnes. This Vehicle Standards Bulletin summarises the construction requirements for trailers necessary to meet the ADRs (Australian Design Rules), and trailers built to meet the requirements in this bulletin are accepted as meeting the ADRs.

You can download a copy of VSB1 here.

Can I increase the load rating higher than stated in the plan?

The short answer is no, not without some additional strengthening. If you want to use one of our plans to produce a trailer to a higher load rating than stated in the plan, please get in touch as we may be able to help.

What type of brakes are recommended?

There are a number of good brake systems available. If your trailer ATM is over 750kg you will require braking to comply with legal requirements.

Electric drum brakes, for example, are reasonably priced and work well with in-cab controllers. They’re easy to fit, low maintenance and you can get spares just about anywhere. Disc brakes are popular with over-run couplings. In all cases, make sure you comply to the VSB – a copy of which is supplied with the plans.

TRAILER PLANS Trailer Brakes and Safety

Visit our brakes & safety page for more info.

Can you help with my Caravan or Trailer ATM upgrade?

Yes, we can assist with trailer/caravan ATM upgrades and blue plate certifications in Brisbane, Queensland.

This normally involves an inspection of the trailer and detailed compliance checks in accordance with Queensland Transport & Main Roads (TMR) requirements as specified in Modification Code LS12. Cost for the inspection is less than you may expect and often no modifications are necessary to upgrade the ATM.

If successful, and the trailer is structurally capable of handling the additional load, we will issue a blue modification plate. We can also assist and arrange with making structural alterations (drawbar or chassis reinforcements, suspension or brake upgrades…) where this may be required.

For more info have a look at our ATM Upgrade page for more details.

Can the plans be modified?

Modifications can be made to our trailer plans designs, however, some conditions apply. A chassis could generally be shortened (in length or width) but not extended (longer or wider). Increasing length or width usually requires bigger/stronger sections. Drawbars can be shortened, but not extended. Drawbar sections should not be reduced to smaller sections or thinner wall thicknesses. Use the material grade specified, or better, for drawbars.

Our designs are such that the drawbar and chassis frame form the core structure of the design. Items such as side panels, headboards, ramps, tie-down rails etc. do not affect trailer compliance and can in most cases be modified without adversely affecting compliance.

Wheels & tyres may be changed, although consideration must be given to clearance, overall width and brake efficiency. The sum of load ratings of axle(s), suspension, bearings & brakes must be sufficient for the load carried by the axle or axle group.

Do you provide custom trailer designs?

Yes, we provide custom trailer design to your specifications. Our drawing packages usually include detailed manufacturing drawings, bill of materials, material cut lists, image renders and all necessary information required for accurate quoting or sub-contract manufacture.

For more information, please see our Custom Trailer Design page.

TRAILER PLANS 6m Enclosed Trailer Build