Brian’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

TRAILER PLANS Brians 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

A number of guys have built our 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Plans in a tandem axle configuration. Although the plans only provide single axle detail, making the necessary changes are pretty straight forward. Extend the wheel box to fit the additional axle, place the axle group centre in the same position as the single axle, and modify a few cut lengths to suit.

This fine example was built by Brian, who used aluminium composite and checker plate panels to clad the sides. According to Brian the trailer passed registration inspection 1s​t time and the maiden trip to South Australia and back to WA was really good, easy balanced towing.

TARE came in at 980kg and because he used hydraulic disc brakes on one axle only, the ATM was registered at 2000kg, which Brian said is more than enough for his needs.

“Bottom line, the plans are worth every cent. Would highly recommended.”

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