Trailer Safety & Checks

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Trailer Safety & Checks

We have added some information on the importance of safe towing and have also created a short trailer safety check list. There are a number of items on a trailer that need to checked on a regular basis to ensure that the trailer is in safe and serviceable condition for use. The checks will vary a lot from trailer to trailer depending on size, type, load, construction etc and may well include items not listed here.

  • Check trailer lights and reflectors
  • Inspect and/or clean electrical connector
  • Inspect safety chains
  • Check trailer brakes (if fitted)
  • Inspect hitch/coupling bolts or welds
  • Lubricate hitch/coupling receiver (or as per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Test breakaway switch (if fitted)
  • Check tyre pressures, inspect for wear
  • Check wheel nuts for tightness & correct torque
  • Check trailer wheel bearings regularly

CRV towing guideYou can access two documents on safe towing from the Safety page on our website. The booklets provides information about how to ensure that your vehicle and trailer are correctly equipped and how to drive a vehicle and trailer combination safely. Towing is very different from everyday driving – it requires additional driving skills and safety precautions. As a driver, you have a legal responsibility to drive to suit the conditions. This also applies when you are towing a trailer or caravan.

Safe Towing!