Mathew’s Magnificent Tri-Axle Trailer Build

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Mathew’s Magnificent Tri-Axle Trailer Build

Over the years we have seen many great trailer builds and none more so than country lad Mathew’s excellent 4.5T 7m Tri-Axle Flatbed. This trailer build is proof that if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself!

Mathew used our standard 6m Flat Top Trailer Plan together with some modifications to extend the load area to 7m and upgrade the ATM to 4.5T. We provided him with a revised chassis specification (engineering certificate) detailing the necessary structural alterations required to be ADR and legally compliant. But that was only the start.

He wanted a tri-axle suspension setup to comfortably (and safely) support the increased load, raising the duty factor of the trailer, increasing stability, handling and putting it into the heavy-duty workhorse category. Of course, a trailer build of this size does not happen in a hurry, especially if you want to do it right. So taking his time over a period of a few months, Matt expertly welded the chassis together and set about building one of the best looking flatbeds we have seen for a while.

The trailer features an indestructible chassis with an uninterrupted load area of 7000 x 2400mm. The deck is lined with steel chequer plate and the front has an extra-large headboard to support the cargo safely. The running gear is 9-leaf Roller Rocker Braked Tri-Axles with an incredible axle group rating of 6.75T.

The trailer has full length tie-down rails both sides, drawbar mounted spare wheel, herc-alloy chains (compulsory above 3.5T) and room for a toolbox. We really like the round tail lights which are neatly mounted into the rear beam. Nice touch Matt. Finishing the trailer off he applied a primer followed by a gloss black top coat which really set it off. Take a bow Mr Picasso.