TRAILER BUILD – Lindsay’s Motorbike Trailer

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TRAILER BUILD – Lindsay’s Motorbike Trailer

The motorbike trailer has proved to be one of the more popular trailers to build and we have received many pictures of some excellent trailers over the years. One of the reasons we think its so popular is the relative simplicity of the trailer, being a fairly small and affordable project to undertake.

It is also the trailer where we have seen the most creativity from builders, where guys have made all sorts of additions and modifications to suit their needs. Take this trailer for example, built by Lindsay to transport a couple of really nice bikes around. He used our standard motorbike plan and then made a few cool modifications.

The alloy deck plate and mudguards were the first things we noticed. Not only are they light and clean, but it works really well with the black paint finish. The mudguards are particularly neat in the way they are formed and mounted. We also liked the Torque wheel chocks – versatile, flexible and secure. Basic necessities are taken care of – spare wheel, drawbar mounted storage and quick-pivot jockey wheel. A set of alloy wheels finish it off well and is in keeping with the sporty theme.

However, top of the pick for us is the ramp storage cage, cleverly placed under the deck, freeing up prime real estate and keeping things looking slick. In fact, if you didn’t know where to look, you’d never know it was there. The ramp is held in place with a latched gate, easily accessible from under the trailer. Nice work Lindsay 10/10!!