Kevin’s Motorbike Trailer

Kevins Motorbike Trailer TRAILER PLANS

Kevin’s Motorbike Trailer

Over the years we have received many photos from builders of the motorbike trailer plan. Kevin’s trailer must be one of the best we have seen to date.

Following the plans almost to the letter, Kevin did say that if he were to build another one he would increase the trailer width slightly as three bikes together is a touch narrow. He would also not weld the checker plate before initial registration as in NSW the registration amount goes on weight, so it costs a little extra each year in registration.

The only parts he had fabricated by someone other than himself was the pair of mudguards, the 4 mudguard corner pieces and the Motorbike tyre guides. Wheels, tyres and the ramp came from eBay and he had the lights already.

Kevin painted the trailer in a commercially available (White Knight Rust Guard from Bunnings) gloss black enamel & medium grey metal primer because “I live near the sea and didn’t want it to rust easily…”

Cost of the trailer was approximately $2,000 all up (AU$ circa 2016) in materials and registration.

“Many thanks for your well designed trailer plans! “

Great job Kevin. We particularly like the tie-down points, the removable Jerry Can holders and the under slung spare wheel. Your finish is top notch too. Enjoy the trailer and outings on the motorbikes with the young fellas.


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