Chris’ Cage Trailer

Chris' Cage Trailer TRAILER PLANS

Chris’ Cage Trailer

Cage trailers are fairly easy and inexpensive to build. Our cage trailer plan has been a favourite with those wanting to move large volumes – garden refuse, household items and work gear. Chris submitted this picture of his cage trailer which is a near carbon copy of the plan. The trailer features a drop rear gate which acts very nicely as a ramp for loading and unloading of cargo.

“Your plans were very easy to use and
I would highly recommend them”

Chris said the only real issue he had was with the supply of the steel. He gave a complete cutting list to the supply company but when he got it all home some lengths were too long, some of the RHS was incorrect wall thickness and the floor sheet was not galvanised as requested. “I should have taken more time to check the order when I picked it up.” Well you live and learn hey Chris.

He uses the trailer for 2 motocross bikes and has moved house with it also.

Chris said the plans were very easy to use and he would highly recommend them.

Thanks for the kind words Chris. Wish you many happy trips to the motocross track.


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