Darren’s Flatbed Trailer

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Trailer Build – Darren’s Flatbed Trailer

Darren built this trailer using our Wide Flatbed Trailer Plans, making a few small but significant additions along the way. He adjusted the bed size to 3000×2000 and extended the tie rails all round. He also split the drop sides with a removable post for a bit of additional support and added some rails underneath to carry ramps. The trailer as built has a TARE of around 650kg giving Darren a load carrying capacity of approximately 1300kg. He plans to fit a wind-up winch under the rear to mount a spare wheel as well as an overhead bar “to carry long stuff.” Darren said the trailer tows so great he is now planning on doing a plant and car trailer some time down the track.

“The plans are easy to use with plenty of detail”

“I used 0.9mm MIG wire on the majority of the build but found that changing to 0.6mm wire to weld the checker plate floor reduced buckling due to the lower heat produced.” He fitted under slung axels to increase the gap between top of tyres and underside of the guards. Other than increasing the size, adding some foot-steps and splitting the drop sides, the trailer was built pretty much to plan. We really like the foot-steps and the removable side posts, which make for a very versatile trailer. Well done Darren, wish you all the best with the new trailer and look forward to seeing your other builds.