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Everything You Need in Your Trailer Toolkit

Wear and tear, rough roads and minor accidents can all force you to stop and [...]

Single Axle Flatbed Car Trailer Plans – New Release

Our Single Axle Flatbed Trailer is specially designed for lighter applications hauling smaller vehicles and loads. [...]

The Right Wheels For Your Trailer

What Goes Around: The Right Wheels For Your Trailer As long as they go round, [...]

4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Plans – new release

A medium size Enclosed Motorbike Trailer with a load area of 4000 x 2000 x 1500 [...]

Petrol vs. Diesel: There’s No Contest, But Why?

We weigh in on the petrol vs. diesel debate, and which is the most economical [...]

Adam’s 4.8m Flat Top Trailer Build – True Blue

TRUE BLUE – Adam’s 4.8m Flat Top Trailer Build Adam and his mates built this [...]

Luke’s Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer

RURAL WORKHORSE – Luke’s Flat Top Wide Bed Trailer Trailer builder Luke put this flat [...]

Paul’s Motorbike Trailer

Paul’s Motorbike Trailer Hammer Metal Works in WA have built a modified version of our [...]

A state-by-state guide to trailer registration

Trailer registration can be confusing, so we aim to make it easy for you – [...]

Chris’s Motorbike Trailer

Chris’s Motorbike Trailer A lot of good things come out of Victoria. The Australian Grand [...]

Clive & Mark’s Tri-Axle Flatbed

Clive & Mark’s Tri-Axle Flatbed We just love it when people send us pictures of [...]

Trailer Jargon

Don’t let the trailer jargon put you off when you want to build or buy a [...]

What’s Best: An Open Or Enclosed Trailer?

Should you buy an open or enclosed trailer? We look at the advantages of both open [...]

Julian’s Flatbed Tilt Trailer Build

Julian’s Flatbed Tilt Trailer Build We received these photos from Julian who built a fabulous [...]

Glenn’s 2500kg Flatbed Trailer

Glen sent in some pictures of his 2500kg Flatbed Trailer built in 2011. Great workmanship! [...]