Our Single Axle Flatbed Trailer is specially designed for lighter applications hauling smaller vehicles and loads. With a max ATM of 2200kg and a TARE of only 650kg you have a generous load capacity of up to 1550kg. The trailer has a load area of 4200x1950mm and includes adjustable vehicle ramps with fixed stabilisers. The plans will provide all the necessary drawings, instructions, parts lists and handy tips to enable you to build with confidence, knowing your trailer will conform to legal requirements.


Plan Specifications

  • Type: Flatbed Trailer – Single Axle, Light Weight
  • Load Area LxWxH: 4200 x 1950 x 510mm (±14 x 6½ x 1.7ft)
  • Overall Size LxWxH: 5954 x 2460 x 2300mm (±19½ x 8 x 7½ft) Ramps Up
  • Max. ATM (weight of trailer + max load): 2200kg
  • TARE (weight of trailer only): ±650kg
  • Max. Load capacity: ±1550kg
  • Chassis & Frame Construction: Channel, RHS & SHS (various sections)
  • Suspension: Single Axle & Leaf Springs
  • Features: Adjustable ramps, front guards, light weight, quick ramp deployment & storage
  • Contents: Detailed part & assembly drawings, assembly guide, parts & cutting lists, pictures and a number of optional drawing files (DXF & EXCEL files are an optional free download)
  • File Size: 10.3MB (PDF)

SINGLE AXLE FLATBED CAR TRAILER PLANS www.trailerplans.com.auThe trailer features an optional chariot style nose guard to protect the cargo from potential stone damage from the tow vehicle. This is particularly useful on long-haul trips and on dirt roads. The design also includes handy features like tie-down hooks, double safety chains and chequer plate bed that could be either full width or strip. The assembly guide included in the plans will assist you in the construction and give you lots of guidance on brakes, axles, suspension and other components.


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