Troy’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

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Troy’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Troy did us proud with the construction of this tipping trailer, creating a superb work horse that he clearly puts to good use. The trailer sports tough chequer plate mudguards and heavy duty tie-down side rails. The tailgate has a dual hinge system for top or bottom swing to suit the load being tipped. He has used load capable 4WD wheel and tyres, which no doubt would come in handy off road. Seems Troy is not the kind of bloke to do things in half measures. He went well beyond minimum legal requirement and fitted the trailer with plenty of rear and side marker lamps, which not only looks great but makes the trailer highly visible at night. A large multi-purpose toolbox on the drawbar houses the hydraulic gear and has room for plenty more. Safety chains are not welded on but rather attached to lugs using hammer-lock shackles or similar. This is a requirement over 3.5T ATM and although strictly not necessary on this trailer, it’s a nice touch. But most of all we like how this trailer is being used – moving big chunky things around and getting the job done. Nice job Troy. Well done mate.  

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2 thoughts on “Troy’s Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

  1. Ian Cahill says:

    hi just wondering if any body’s got a costing on how much the materials are worth to buy for the trailer to complete

    • Deborah van Deventer says:

      We have had feedback of costs ranging from $4,500 to $7,500, but as you could imagine, it varies greatly depending on where you source parts and materials, whether it’s new or used gear and how much work you are prepared to do yourself.
      In general, we have found that it costs about half the price to build a trailer than to buy one new.

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