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TRAILER BUILD – Toy Hauler or Workhorse

Our latest trailer build comes from a couple of mates in Queensland who asked us to develop a plan to haul a quad and couple of motorbikes over weekends. They also wanted to put the trailer to work carting soil, mulch and just about anything else that needs moving. The solution was a full width hydraulic tipping trailer that converts into a toy hauler with removable sides.

A few of the many features of this trailer:

  • Full hydraulic tipping deck
  • Side panels removable at rear and sides
  • Tie-down rails and in-floor lugs
  • Hydraulic power pack and battery under trailer bed
  • Water tanks with 12V pump
  • Ramps stored under trailer bed
  • Track width to match tow vehicle
  • Roller rocker load sharing suspension


The fellas finished the trailer off with what must be one of the best paint jobs we have seen on a trailer to date. In fact, the quality all round is of a very high standard and nothing short of professional. The trailer was built exactly to plan apart from a few small last minute alterations.

Thanks for sending in the pictures guys and congratulations on a great job. Wish you many happy weekends and hope the trailer will never need those side panels 🙂



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