Tipping Trailer Plan Released

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TrailerPlans are pleased to release our Hydraulic Box Tipping Trailer Plan – a 3400kg tandem axle tipper with a load area of 3000x1800x600 and maximum payload capacity of 2550kg. The trailer has a tipping angle of 45 degrees using a 6-stage hydraulic cylinder pressurized by a 12V power pack located in the drawbar-mounted toolbox.

Brief Specifications

    • Bed Size: 3000x1800x600mm (10x6x2 ft)
    • Overall Size: 4975x2320x1262mm (16×7’6″x4 ft)
    • Tipping Angle: 45 degrees @ 1m stroke
    • ATM (weight of trailer + max load): 3400kg maximum
    • TARE (weight of trailer only): approximately 850kg
    • Chassis Construction: RHS (various sections)
    • Suspension: Tandem Beam Axle & Leaf Springs
    • Features: 6 stage hyd. cylinder and 12V power pack, top-swing tailgate
    • Contents: 15 part & assembly drawings, 13 page assembly guide, DXF files, pictures and more
    • Download File Size: 15.8MB (.zip)
    • Price: $45.00

Introductory Offer

Thanks to those who have been waiting patiently for this release. The plan will be available until end May 2013 at a discounted price of $35.00 by entering the code 3400TT in the shopping cart.
Thanks for your patients and support.
If you have any queries regarding the plan please contact us.