Taking Care of Your Trailer

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It’s not exactly a riveting topic of conversation but trailer care is important and should be worthy of at least some consideration from an attentive trailer owner. Too often I see trailers needing major and expensive repairs that could so easily have been avoided had the owner performed some basic checks or maintenance. Here is a quick checklist that can be performed in a couple minutes, starting from the front of the trailer:

  • COUPLING – check bolts for tightness and signs of wear, coupling moving parts should be lightly lubricated to ensure smooth and reliable action.
  • SAFETY CHAINS – visually check the chains and their attachment pint for signs of wear
  • TRAILER WIRING – check electrical connectors for signs of wear or loose wiring/insulation, check that cable is supported and well clear from dragging on the road
  • DRAWBAR – check the drawbar for signs of cracks or wear – particularly in the region where the drawbars meet the trailer body
  • WHEEL & TYRES – check tyres for wear, check tyre pressure, check wheel nuts/studs for tightness
  • SUSPENSION & BRAKES – visually check suspension components for signs of damage or wear, check U-bolts and other fasteners for tightness, check handbrake adjustment, check service brake operation, check emergency (Brake-Away) switch by disconnecting and trying to move trailer, check wheel bearings by rocking top of tyre and checking for bearing play/looseness
  • LIGHTS – make sure all the lights function correctly – indicators , tail lights, brake lights, number plate light, reflectors, forward/side/rear markers
  • TAILGATE – check that tailgate latches are secure

Any issues observed should be rectified sooner rather than later. Although it is “just a trailer” it is still a vehicle used on public roads and has the potential to cause harm. As trailer owners we have a duty of care to ensure that our trailers are in good serviceable condition each time they go out onto the road.

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Happy Trailering!!