Stuart’s 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build

Stuarts 4m Enclosed Motorbike Trailer Build TRAILER PLANS

Stuart, trailer builder liminary and man whose talents apparently have no end, built this trailer using our 4m Motorbike Trailer plans, but made a few changes and took things up a few notches. Despite shortening the overall length and height to fit his shed, he upgraded to tandem axles “as I intended to have quite a few camping options added including 85L water tank, a full 12V system throughout and the option to plug in to 240V when available to charge batteries and run some larger appliances.” No explanation necessary Stuart, we understand, a man’s gotta have stuff right, and weight adds up real quick. That second axle might come in handy sooner than one thinks.

Externally it is well finished off in white sign panel, checker plate, alloy trim and a handy access door to internal storage. Internally the trailer is a victory of function over form. Alloy checked plate floor, side mesh, LED lighting, full power board and 240V layout, handy storage bins, tie-down points, and wheel steadies for the bikes, all the essentials for any self-respecting motorbike trailer.

Not satisfied with the highly functional gas struts specified in our plans, Stuart opted for two high speed 12V motorised actuators, effortlessly controlling the upward and downward motions of the roof. Really neat.

The main piece of advice Stuart has for trailer builders is around planning. “I spent a lot of hours prior to the build taping out the plan on the shed floor and making sure everything was going to fit as I had planned. Oh and when doing your calculations, you will need to know what material you are using to finish and trim off the trailer as you may run into issues with clearances when it comes to doors and access points. Sounds obvious but tripped me up towards the end of the project.”

According to Stuart the 12 & 240V systems did add a fair bit to the cost of the project, but was definitely worth it given that he plans to use the trailer for camp-outs where all that power will come in very handy.

“The plans were perfect and lent themselves to a couple of adjustments that I needed.”

Thanks Stuart. Looking forward to your next project already.

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