Michael’s 6m Enclosed Trailer

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Michael’s 6m Enclosed Trailer

An Enclosed trailer can be challenging to build. They are big, relatively complex (as trailers go), consist of many components, lots of little detail and can be a stretch on your budget and time. Michael from Victoria built this enclosed trailer a little while ago using our 6m Enclosed Trailer plans and did a fine job at it.

The trailer features rear drop door/ramp, two side access doors and front aero cut away. A neat alloy trim finishes all corners of the trailer very nicely. Michael fitted four stabiliser legs which gives the trailer excellent support when unhitched or parked on site.

Instead of the chequer plate lower sides specified in the plans, this trailer was cladded top down for a smooth seamless finish. The walls provided an enormous canvas for some bold signage which Michael has utilized very well. There will be no mistaking who’s trailer this is.

Internally the trailer is fitted out with a large format TV, bar fridge, wet area splashback, cladded walls and ceiling, generous lighting and heaps of storage. The floor is neatly covered and Michael did a great job with the rear ramp, dressing it with decking timber.

Well done Michael, we trust the trailer will serve you and the business well for years to come.

PS: If the bottom ever falls out of the construction market, we believe there is a future for you in trailer construction!