Jeremy’s Flatbed TILT Trailer Build

TRAILER PLANS Jeremys 2500kg Tilt Flatbed Trailer Build

Using our Flatbed TILT Trailer Plans, Jeremy built this unique trailer by making a few mods along the way. To start with he extended the deck to 4800 and tapered the main rails so the deck touches the ground without the need of ramps. He also did a neat cut in for the number plate at the back. Two air bags are used to tilt the tray and two very handy tool boxes have been built into the floor. The drawer bar is slightly longer and a hard-mounted tray has been created on the drawbar for things like 12V fridge, spare tyres, trolley etc. He also utilized an e-track tie down system so he can use standard car tyre tie down straps.

The plans you guys supplied were awesome and spot on.

When asked about the airbags, Jeremy said they make loading much easier than the old ramp style trailer he had, and doors clear the trailer mudguards nicely.

Excellent job Jeremy. Well done!

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