Custom Trailer Designs

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Trailers come in a variety of designs, sizes, load carryingCustomPlans02 capacity and axle configurations, to name but a few elements that make trailers different from one another. We are often asked if our standard plans could be customized in some way – shortened, lengthened, carry heavier/lighter loads or add special purpose features like ramps or frames. We are always happy to answer questions and support you in you decision to build a trailer. Trailer Plans are proud to also offer a custom trailer design service to help you develop your unique trailer requirements.

Our service is categorized into three levels:

  • BASIC – This usually involves modifications to one of our stock plans and typically includes change in length or width, changes in load rating, axle modifications and special loading conditions or applications.
  • INTERMEDIATE – A custom trailer designed to your requirements with basic structural detail provided. This will suit the DIY builder wanting a unique design and only requires basic structural information.
  • PREMIUM – A complete custom trailer designed to your requirements with full drawing package and documentation to support your construction project. The premium plan is suitable for trailer builders and engineering shops wanting detailed information.
For further details download our custom design service information sheet or contact us direct. motorbike trailer custom design

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