Registering a trailer – RVSA Application for Individuals (effective from 1 July 2023)

Entering a light trailer on the RAV (Register of Approved Vehicles) from July 2023 as a DIY builder (ie: up to 4 trailers per year) is not particularly difficult. You will need to register on ROVER and then make application for a SINGLE VEHICLE APPROVAL. This is pretty straight forward and requires you to enter information about the trailer, load ratings, size etc. The trailer must comply with all relevant ADRs, and you do not have to provide any evidence of compliance. The process will require you to make a declaration that the trailer complies with the RVSA. If your trailer was built to our plans and/or to VSB 1 Rev 6, then you can make the declaration with a clear conscious. You will need to have a VIN (can be obtained as part of the application), plus all load ratings, including ATM, GTM and TARE at time of application. You will need to provide evidence of the load ratings, this can usually be done by uploading a picture of the completed/engraved compliance plate. The RAV fee is approximately $30.

Once your RAV entry has been approved, the trailer will appear on the RAV and can then be registered with your state authority.

If you are a manufacturer and building more than 4 trailers a year, it is a different route. Contact us if you require more information on this.