Julian’s Flatbed Tilt Trailer Build

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Julian’s Flatbed Tilt Trailer Build

We received these photos from Julian who built a fabulous 2.5T flatbed tilt trailer and finished it like a pro. Although Julian generally stuck to the original plan, he did make a few changes to suit his needs.

Thank you Deon. I am glad to have spent the extra time to build my own trailer as it is (built) to what I want and I know it’s strength instead of buying a production type trailer. I like your plans, they are very detailed and informative. Keep up the good work.

Julian said when he finally got around to it, he used our basic 2500 flatbed tilt trailer plans but made some modifications to suit his needs. The trailer was built slightly wider at 1950mm and a little shorter in length at 3900mm. He made the ramps thicker using 65x35x3 RHS, 1050 long and also put a 3 tonne load sharing roller suspension under it. Furthermore he placed a 12V electric winch on the front but other than that he followed the plans down to the letter.

We particularly liked the enclosed ramp storage areas, heavy tie-down rails, tapered top rails and electric winch. But most of all we like Julian’s shed. What a great place to build a great trailer. Nice job mate! Take a bow.




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