Free Trailer Plan Design

This FREE trailer plan is a nifty little single axle box trailer that is compact, light and inexpensive to fabricate. With a max. ATM of 750kg brakes are usually not required, subject to vehicle tow capacity. The trailer has a load capacity of up to 525kg and features deep sides, under-slung spare wheel storage and drawbar mounted nose cone (toolbox). Of course, like all our other plans, this design is totally ADR compliant.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – Plans are delivered digitally immediately, to get your trailer build project going without delay.

The plans conform to the Australian National Code of Practice – Building Small Trailers (VSB1). Trailers built to comply with this code of practice can be registered for on-road use in Australia.

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Plan Specifications

  • Box Size:      1500×900 (5x3ft)
  • Overall Size:      1500×900 (5x3ft)
  • Max. ATM:      750kg
  • Max. GTM:      660kg
  • TARE:      ±225kg
  • Load Capacity:      up to 525kg
  • Construction:      Channel, RHS & SHS (various sections)
  • Suspension:     Single Axle & Leaf Springs
  • Features:      Front toolbox sealed & secure, under-body spare wheel, light weight
  • Contents:     Detailed part & assembly drawings, assembly guide, parts & cutting lists, pictures and a number of optional drawing files (DXF & EXCEL files are an optional free download)
  • File Size:      9MB (PDF)


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More Info

The spare wheel is neatly tucked away under the front portion of the chassis, yet easily accessible when required – no need to unpack your cargo to get to it! One of the easiest trailer to build, our plans will provide all the necessary drawings, instructions, parts lists and handy tips to enable you to build with confidence, knowing your trailer will conform to legal requirements.

Instant download in PDF format for viewing on any device. A few useful DXF & EXCEL files also provided.

Key features of this free trailer plan

  • 1500×900 (5x3ft) load area – compact and light
  • 500 high sides
  • Light weight design without any compromise in strength
  • Load area up to 2.5 square meters, load volume over 1 cubic meter
  • Sealed nose cone storage unit
  • Under-body spare wheel storage
  • Economic design for easy fabrication fabrication and assembly
  • ADR compliant for your peace of mind, knowing your trailer will conform

Braking requirements

This trailer is limited to a maximum ATM of 750kg (max. GTM of 660kg), therefore brakes are not required. However, check your tow vehicle’s un-braked towing capacity, as smaller vehicles may have maximum towing capacities less than 750kg. If you do require trailer brakes or wish to fit brakes for increased braking/stopping performance, please refer to one of our other box trailer plans.


Plan Contents

  • A single PDF document for your download and viewing convenience
  • 7 detailed part & assembly drawings (print to A4 or A3)
  • All dimensions required including ISO weld symbols
  • 10 pages of comprehensive work & assembly instructions
  • Additional component and instructional drawings
  • Electrical wiring diagram including round & flat plug wiring detail
  • Complete parts and material cut lists
  • Detailed (enlarged) views of tricky or important bits
  • Welding details – where & how much of it
  • A design that conforms to legal requirements
  • Purchased item specifications
  • Safety guidelines during construction
  • Tools required
  • Pictures & handy hints
  • DXF files for parts that can be laser cut (optional free download)

Instant Downloads

Get your plans immediately after completing secure checkout through PayPal so you can be up and running straight away.

Download file is in PDF format for easy viewing and printing from any device. A number of DXF and EXCEL files are also provided.