Project Description

MIG Welding

Although you do not have to be an expert welder to build a trailer, you will need to be able to apply strong MIG welding with good penetration. If you doubt your ability to make a secure weld, seek some advice from a handy mate or consult some on-line resources. Practice on some scrap off-cuts – preferably the same material size/thickness you will be building the trailer with. Test your practice welds by trying to break them apart.

The drawings supplied with our plans use ISO welding symbols to indicate the recommended weld location, size & length of weld. The symbols are to be used as a guide only. Generally, it is advised to fully weld chassis joints. Body panels can be stitch welded. If in doubt, apply extra welds. If you are unfamiliar with ISO weld symbols, a quick search on the internet will provide plenty of recourses