Phil’s Off Road Camper Trailer

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Phil’s Off Road Camper Trailer

Not all trailers are built equal. Take the case of Philip, who took his time to think it through, source the right parts, ask questions and plan his build. However, the results have paid off handsomely and he now has himself a robust off road camper trailer built to last.

Philip bought our Off Road Camper trailer plans and as many builders do made a few modifications to suit his needs. Determined not to contend with the complexity of ribbed sides, he opted for flat sides and used 2.1mm steel chequer plate floor with some additional bracing.

During construction he mounted the chassis/box assembly on a set of castor wheel. A great way to move things about during construction.

off road camper trailer plans
The trailer was finished off with a full hot dipped galvanized finish after drilling the required drain holes in the right places. The carrier rack floor was made of 3mm aluminium chequer plate, as Phil was concerned about how well a steel floor would turn out after hot dipping.


Great job Phil. Happy camping mate!


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