4.8m Flat Top (Wide Bed) – New Release

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The Flat Top is a 4800×2400 wide bed trailer featuring full bed width over the top of the wheels. An optional ladder rack is positioned on the front of the deck and a number of tie-down lugs help to secure loads. Use either eye-bolt type lugs or linear tie-down rails positioned under the bed. The drawbar is long enough to mount a toolbox and spare wheel. TARE is around 1000kg and the maximum ATM is a generous 3500kg.


Flat Top Specifications:

  • Bed Size:   4800×2400mm (16×8 ft)
  • Bed Height:  775mm (2’7″)
  • Overall Size:   6484×2400mm (22×8 ft)
  • ATM (weight of trailer + max load):   3500kg
  • Tare (weight of trailer only):   approximately 1000kg
  • Chassis Construction:    RHS (various sections), Deck Plates
  • Suspension:   Tandem Beam Axle, Roller Rocker & Leaf Springs
  • Plan Contents:  8 Part & assembly drawings, 11 page assembly guide, DXF files, pictures and more
  • Download File Size:   11.3MB (.zip)


The trailer can be built with traditional tie-down side rails, or if you prefer, side panels that give the trailer a clean stylish look. The front of the bed features a support frame to assist with locating and securing loads. The design also includes handy features like tie-down hooks, double safety chains and chequer plate bed. The assembly guide will assist you in the construction and give you lots of guidance on brakes, axles, suspension and other components.

  • Our part and assembly drawings are carefully detailed to include all the necessary dimensions.
  • Drawings are all in PDF format and some DXF files are supplied to assist with profile/laser cutting services.
  • This trailer requires brakes on all wheels as well as an emergency brake unit (Brake-Away switch). We also recommend the use of an efficient handbrake.
  • Each manufactured component is drawn and clearly detailed for your convenience.


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