Can the plans be modified?

Modifications can be made to our trailer plans designs, however, some conditions apply. A chassis could generally be shortened (in length or width) but not extended (longer or wider). Increasing length or width usually requires bigger/stronger sections. Drawbars can be shortened, but not extended. Drawbar sections should not be reduced to smaller sections or thinner wall thicknesses. Use the material grade specified, or better, for drawbars.

Our designs are such that the drawbar and chassis frame form the core structure of the design. Items such as side panels, headboards, ramps, tie-down rails etc. do not affect trailer compliance and can in most cases be modified without adversely affecting compliance.

Wheels & tyres may be changed, although consideration must be given to clearance, overall width and brake efficiency. The sum of load ratings of axle(s), suspension, bearings & brakes must be sufficient for the load carried by the axle or axle group.