Brett’s 6m Enclosed Trailer Build

Mobile stage, sound and kitchen

One of the great benefits of building a trailer is that it can be customized to suit the particular requirements of the builder. No more so than THE ROADIE. This marvel of a trailer is a multi-purpose facility on wheels, operating throughout the Northern Territory.

The trailer is divided into two main areas with an industrial kitchen upfront and a multi-purpose sound stage on the rear. But it is actually so much more than that. Based on our 6m Enclosed Trailer Plan with a generous amount of customization, The Roadie is fully equipped with sound desk, amplifiers, built-in speaker system, rear projection screen, and all the necessary mic stands, leads and gear needed to host a variety of functions and event.


The walls are cladded inside and out with insulation fitted all round, including the roof. This not only provides thermal insulation, but also much need vibration damping – an important factor when producing high quality sound. Speakers are mounted in custom made cabinets for quick and easy deployment on site.

A large side door opens to expose the stage, providing shelter from the elements and a handy place for mounting a few stage lights. A rear pedestrian door provides access to the “backstage” area from where an internal door leads into the air conditioned kitchen.

We are told that the trailer caters to a large range of events and functions, including live music gigs, corporate, catering, celebrity signings, movie productions, or even a band room room prior to going onto the big stage. Have a look at their Facebook site for more information and event details.

Well done guys, a brilliant piece of work.

TRAILER PLANS 6m Enclosed Trailer Build