About us

We’re not just about trailer drawings. We provide compliant plans that will get your project going, saving you time and money during your build

We have been proudly providing quality trailer plans since 2008, starting with a single box trailer plan and regularly adding to a range of practical designs. Our plans are specifically designed to meet Australian regulations and have been used extensively by trailer builders across Australia and  from many other parts of the world. We stay abreast with trends in trailer manufacture – new materials, regulations, products and equipment – and where required incorporate updates or changes into our plans. In 2010, due to growing demand, we created a company, Okajaro Pty Ltd, which trades as TrailerPlans.com.au and continues to provide great products and the same high level of support to our trailer building community.

Our Senior Designer

Key to our success is our senior designer Deon van Deventer, who is responsible for all things technical here at TrailerPlans. After completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Deon started his career in the automotive industry. As a project engineer with Toyota Manufacturing, he designing plant equipment, supported the development and production of Landcruiser, Hilux, Camry and Corolla vehicles. He led the implementation of AutoCAD at Toyota’s  stamping factory and later trained at the high-tech Tahara plant in Japan.

During his spare time he builds trailers and enjoys hanging in the shed with his MIG

He has proven experience in the trailer industry starting with design and development, through to testing everything from independent suspensions, couplings, off-road trailers and advanced trailer chassis. He has advised and assisted numerous caravan and trailer manufacturers develop their products or solve performance and handling issues.

He has travelled the Australian Outback extensively in the name of testing and has had his share of roadside repairs, including a bit of bush welding on Burke Development Rd. It is fair to say that Deon has a respectable firsthand knowledge of Australian conditions and the quality of trailer that is required to survive it.

During his spare time he builds trailers and enjoys hanging in the shed with his MIG. Yes, we agree, it’s sad.

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